Infection Prevention Measures

To continue to provide a service to our local community we remain open for in-clinic appointments following an online screening or phone/video call to go through a series of questions to screen for symptoms of infection prior to coming in to the clinic. We are observing strict hygiene procedures to reduce the possibility of transmission of disease at the clinic.

We are currently taking in-clinic bookings for any patients except for those who are in self-quarantine, for whom we can offer telemedicine appointments only for both existing and new patients - book online, call us on 01227 454 848 or email reception from the contact page

For those in high risk groups and shielding at home please contact us in advance of your appointment if you need special arrangements or precautions.

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We help our patients improve their health and increase their vitality
Common problems of people living in today's society are pain, fatigue, low mood and a host of conditions related to a toxic world

The Benefits of Working With Us

Pain Relief
Reduction of painful muscles and joints
Improved Vitality
Increase your energy levels
Reduce your stress levels
The Team at Greenfields Understand Your Needs
We work individually and collaboratively as required

Practitioners at Greenfields have the experience to know how to deal with your problem.

We will work with you and, if appropriate, we can work together as a team or with your primary healthcare provider to support your needs.

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Our Services
We offer a range of natural treatments tailored to your individual requirements

Our natural medical practice manages and improves health through natural means. The practice values four primary areas: nutrition, physical therapy, psychology and lifestyle. One or more of these areas becomes the focus in seeking broad improvements in an individual’s overall health. Patient therapies are developed based on each individual’s needs and take into account genetic and physiological factors and current conditions – a ‘one size fits all’ approach is never used.

Drugs are not used in the practice. We are a private naturopathic and osteopathic practice. We can happily work with primary care GPs to collaboratively develop care and treatment courses. Our services include:

  • Naturopathy
  • Osteopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP
  • Psychotherapy
  • Neuropsychiatry
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A Patient Writes:

"When I first came to see Tom I was suffering from extreme exhaustion and fatigue. Only 3 weeks into the new diet he worked out for me and I was feeling significantly better, now, a year on and I have never felt better. I had been to many doctors and therapists, both natural and allopathic before seeing Tom and none were as thorough, professional, or had such a calm and reassuring presence. I highly recommend Tom Greenfield - I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit in some large way from his expertise and care."

- Kate T, Whitstable

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Take the opportunity to work with us on improving your health
We can help you to help yourself, either in person or remotely


Visit us at our Canterbury clinic for in-person services. 

The clinic is accessible for those with difficulty walking, and has a ground floor disabled toilet. 

We offer telemedicine appointments if you live too far away to visit the clinic, or for those shielding or self-isolating. 

Take the time now to give yourself the support you deserve. 

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